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About factory

N.A.Nazarbayev: «The striking manifestation of the economic independence of our country is the Tenge emerged in our capital and let it serve for the sake of our people and future generations».

In May 1992 the President issued a Decree «On setting up the security print works of the National Bank of Kazakhstan”. In June 1993 the first security print production in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan was put into operation. 

On 15 November 2013 it will be 20 years since the introduction of the national currency – the Tenge. The national currency is one of the attributes of the state sovereignty, and the introduction of the national currency was yet another step towards the economical and financial independence of Kazakhstan. This historic event lead to the setting up of the Banknote Factory – the only specialist printing enterprise in the country.

On 19 May 1995 the grand opening of the banknote factory took place. The country’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev attended. This day was preceded with three long years during which the base required to produce banknotes was created. 

The first banknote denominations of «1»‚ «3»‚ «5»‚ «10»‚ «20» and «50» Tenge were manufactured in England but it was disadvantageous to purchase banknotes from abroad. The National Bank of Kazakhstan insisted on the creation of a banknote production facility. Thomas De La Rue Limited, a well-known company from Great Britain, was chosen as the partner to set up a national banknote production enterprise, with whom a contract was signed to supply equipment and technology for full banknote product

Within a short time, printing of all six Kazakh banknotes was transferred to the Banknote factory. The Kazak printers were not inferior to their British colleagues in either quality or lead times..

From the day of opening the Banknote factory set up the banknote production on its own (commercial litho) printing equipment. In the years that followed, the Factory got equipped with unique equipment to produce banknotes of a high quality in both design and technical respect

Today the Factory boasts all types of security technology and features which exist in the world. These include intaglio printing, see-through features, inks with unique and specific security and performance properties, holographic elements, all types of existing printing security features and unique numbering system. 

Nowadays the Banknote factory has the official license from the Kazakhstan National committee on security papers No. 0408100014 dated 13 November 1999 to produce blank security documents, and the official license No. 000272 dated 21 July 2005 to manufacture material objects depicting the State flag and the State coat of arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today the banknote factory manufactures over a hundred types of products other than banknotes – these include passport books, ID documents, education certificates, tobacco tax stamps, alcohol control marks, promissory notes, insurance certificates, warrants, cheque books and many others. Among the security printed documents there are also long-term orders from other countries. The Banknote factory specialists have designed and produced new biometric e-passport books for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Banknote Factory built up its reputation in the business society with confidence. In accordance with the analysis held in 2003 of the activity of enterprises in the former Soviet Union by Aquarius Earthmaker, the Banknote Factory was awarded the Earthmaker award (in other words, one who changes the face of the planet) in the Industry Leader nomination. This award is the acknowledgement of the efforts of various industry leaders to integrate into society.. In 2004 at the High quality in Business International Forum held in Geneva the Factory was awarded the gold medal for impeccable business reputation. At the 3rd International Quality Assembly held in Moscow the Banknote Factory was awarded the Gold Quality Certificate.