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For security printing the Banknote factory is using special paper inks containing a combination of security features. Paper and inks are exclusively supplied to the Banknote factory to produce banknotes, security documents and certificates under strict control. These materials have visual and covert security features.

The most important properties of the banknote security paper

  • Watermak (can be all-over, half-tone, multi-tone, registered)
  • Electrotype (this is a watermark of high contrast)
  • Visible fibres
  • Invisible fluorescent fibres
  • Confetti
  • Hi Light (tiny dots fluorescent under UV light)
  • Metallic threads (magnetic, windowed with microtext and fluorescent)
  • Security threads with fluorescence
  • Holographic stripes
  • Chemical security features
  • Iridescent stripe
  • Tack sphere, etc.


When manufacturing security products specialist security inks are used which have high physical and chemical strength:

  • Invisible inks fluorescing different colours
  • Multicolour fluorescent inks
  • Bi-fluorescent inks
  • Optically variable inks
  • Metalllic fluorescent inks
  • Inks with magnetic properties
  • IR readable and IR non-readable inks
  • Thermochromic inks
  • Phosphorescent inks
  • Chemically reactive inks, etc.