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Printing security methods

The Banknote factory manufactures over 100 types of product, which are difficult to counterfeit by another banknote printing facility and impossible to replicate by any commercial printer. Any product manufactured at the Banknote factory has a wide range of security features, many of which are covert. To find them one needs to perform complex tests or use special tools available only to specialists.

Security features are divided into the following categories:

Security features in Category 1
are known to the public and do not require the use of tools. The public is made aware of these features so that everyone can verify the authenticity of a banknote. It has been made widely recognized during various security printing conferences that the general tendency in the world is to focus development on public-recognition security features and use them as much as possible on security printed documents.

Category 2 security features are those recognized with the use of simple tools such as magnifying glasses, UV lamps, chemical crayons and others. These features are aimed at tellers, controllers or advanced users who do not have complex equipment. However some items of complex equipment can be made available at teller machines so customers could verify the authenticity of security printed products at the point of purchase.

Security features in Category 3 are recognized with the use of specialist equipment such as detectors, sorters, scanners and others available to a limited range of controllers. These features are aimed at those experts and control authorities who establish whether or not the note is genuine.

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Security features in Category 4 are for highly qualified experts from forensic laboratories

Today the Banknote Factory has equipment and technology which allows the production of products containing security features of all categories.