The Banknote Factory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Today the Banknote Factory has equipment and technology which allows the production of products containing security features of all categories.

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Printing products

More than a hundred types of printing products: passports, personal passports, diplomas, certificates, excise stamps for cigarettes, bills of exchange, security policies, grain acceptance forms, check books and others.  

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Printing security methods

The Banknote factory manufactures over 100 types of product, which are difficult to counterfeit by another banknote printing facility and impossible to replicate by any commercial printer. Any product manufactured at the Banknote factory has a wide range of security features, many of which are covert.

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Our Products

The banknote factory produces more than 100 types of printed products, which cannot be reproduced without the availability of special industrial equipment and highly qualified specialists.


A banknote is a work of art embodied in the design of the national currency. Is the achievement and pride of the Banknote Factory.

Identity documents

One of the necessary attributes in the exercise by citizens of the country of their rights and freedoms is the presence of an identity document.

Certificates and securities

The products are equipped with a protective complex with the use of electronic storage media, corresponding to the conditions and terms of the intended operation.


Tangible media with unique identifiers are the most efficient and financially “democratic” tool for tracking goods and fighting counterfeit products.

Diplomas/School certificates

Printing technology that allows you to reproduce printed products with various degrees of protection and ample opportunities for the implementation of extraordinary design solutions.

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protection categories

Represents the degrees of protection available to the perception of an ordinary consumer without the use of equipment. The population is widely notified of such degrees of protection so that each consumer on the spot can determine the authenticity of the protected product. During various conferences on security technologies, it has been repeatedly highlighted that the global trend is a movement towards the development of degrees of protection in this category and an increase in their number on products.

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protection categories

It represents the degrees of protection available to perception using the simplest control equipment such as a magnifying glass, ultraviolet lamp, chemical pencils and some others. These degrees of protection are intended to be determined by cashiers, inspectors who do not have sophisticated devices and a trained consumer. At the same time, some of the types of the above control equipment may be available at a retail outlet, for example, at the checkout, so that the buyer of the protected goods can additionally verify the quality of the product.

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protection categories

Represents degrees of protection, determined using specialized instruments such as detectors, sorting machines, scanners, and other equipment available only to certain categories of inspectors. These degrees of protection are intended to determine the authenticity of products by experts and employees of some control departments.

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protection categories

Represents degrees of protection designed for highly qualified experts from forensic laboratories

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In a short time, all issues of the first six Kazakhstani banknotes were transferred to the Banknote Factory. Kazakhstani banknotes were not inferior to their British counterparts in terms of quality and timeliness of printing.


Today the assortment of the Banknote Factory includes all security technologies and elements from all over the world.  


In the years that followed, the Factory got equipped with unique equipment to produce banknotes of a high quality in both design and technical respect.

About us

In May 1992 the President issued a Decree «On setting up the security print works of the National Bank of Kazakhstan”. In June 1993 the first security print production in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan was put into operation. The national currency is a symbol of state sovereignty, therefore its introduction is the first step towards achieving economic and financial independence of Kazakhstan. The creation of the Banknote Factory of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the only specialized printing company in the country - is closely related to this historical event.

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Our standards
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ISO 27001
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